Vaginal Health and Strengthening - VOTIVA

You are experiencing vaginal dryness and pain with intimacy. You are also suffering from incontinence. What do you do?

Mary, breast cancer survivor

Mary successfully completed treatment for breast cancer. Unfortunately her treatment caused vaginal dryness and she was unable to be intimate with her partner due to the pain. She worried about her relationship. She was also experiencing worsening incontinence. She couldn't exercise and was embarrassed. She scheduled an appointment with us at Urology Care.


Mary came in for her appointment

We noticed she would benefit from Votiva, the latest advancement in feminine health and vaginal strengthening. Mary chose to have Votiva since it is a non laser, no-surgical and painless radiofrequency treatment. She wanted a safe treatment that is done in the office with no downtime.

How did Mary do?

After her three Votiva treatments, Mary regained intimacy wither her partner. She enjoyed intimacy without pain. Her husband even brought us flowers to thank us for making such a positive impact on their marriage.

Mary was also able to exercise again without worrying about incontinence. She regained her health and confidence.