EvolveX: Tucson’s Best Coolsculpting Alternative

Patients who have considered Coolsculpting as a means to reduce fat now have a better alternative for slimming, tightening, and strengthening to achieve a more attractive look. Evolve X offers the results of Coolsculpting treatments with many additional benefits.  

Body Contouring with EvolveX

If you want the body contouring method that provides the best results, consider EvolveX. At Urology Care P.C., our specialists understand different body contouring technologies and have seen patient outcomes first hand. With the ability to tighten skin and strengthen muscles for better overall results, EvolveX offers features Coolsculpting just can’t match. EvolveX performs through the fastest, most cost-effective treatments, helping you look better and stay more confident than with other methods.

EvolveX offers a comprehensive option for eliminating fat, tightening skin, and building lean muscle. Developers reimagined body sculpting with different technology and opened the door to new possibilities. With EvolveX, you can enjoy:

  • Pain-free procedures
  • A broad range of treatment areas
  • No anesthesia
  • Safe methods for all skin colors
  • Fewer signs of age
  • Zero recovery time

EvolveX vs. Coolsculpting

If you’re looking for fat removal and body treatments, you’ve probably heard about Coolsculpting. But EvolveX now offers a better way to destroy stubborn cellulite in your waist, thighs, or arms. Plus, with EvolveX, you can get everything Coolsculpting offers and more in minimally invasive treatments.

EvolveX technology provides:

  • Skin tightening
  • Fat reduction
  • Lean muscle building
  • Painless treatment

Skin Tightening

Unlike Coolsculpting, EvolveX includes body contouring treatments that shrink, smooth, and tighten your skin in specified areas. You’ll be able to say goodbye to unattractive, wrinkly, saggy skin on your arms and legs! With EvolveX, you can reduce signs of aging and look years younger.

Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting freezes fat cells to try to eliminate them. For better results, EvolveX uses radiofrequency energy that targets fat cells more effectively. You won’t face pain or discomfort during treatment and can more quickly enjoy the body type you want. 

Lean Muscle Building

If you want to strengthen and build lean muscle, Coolsculpting can’t help you, but EvolveX will. Our treatment sessions feature electrical muscle stimulation to help you develop lean muscle you won’t get from an ordinary workout. With EvolveX, you can sculpt your body by adding more tone and definition.

Painless Treatment

We know that any medical procedure can be scary, and your safety is our highest priority. When it comes to body contouring, Coolsculpting cannot guarantee a painless, comfortable treatment session. Patients may experience discomfort like pinching or aching during a body sculpting procedure.

With EvolveX, you don’t have to worry about safety and uncomfortable sensations. In fact, many patients find the procedure relaxing and enjoyable. We use a small device that warms the skin like a hot stone massage, providing long-lasting gains without the pains. 

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